Book of This Month

My friend told me to order this book five because he had no credit card to buy books online at amazon. I am very contented with Amazon and DHL services for this book only took only 4 days to get from USA to Malaysia.

Film directing shot by shot, visualizing from concept to screen
by Steven D. Katz, publish by michael wiese productions, USD 18.76

 Master Shots vol 1,2nd edition: 100 advanced camera techniques to get an expensive look on your low budget movie by christopher kenworthy, publish by michael wiese productions USD 18.66

cinematic storytelling : the 100 most powerfull film convention every filmmaker must know
by Jennifer Van Sijll ,  publish by michael wiese productions USD 16.79

Creating character with personality : for film,tv,animation,video games and graphic novels
Tom Bancroft, introduction by Glen Keane, Watson Guptill Publication , USD 14.49

Character mentor, learn by example to use expressions,poses, and staging to bring your characters to life by Tom Bancroft, foreword by Adam Hughes, published by elsevier & focal press USD 17.46

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