Salam Aidilfitri 2014


Warcraft Film Comic Con 2014 review

Dragon Sword This gleaming blade is wielded in the name of the Alliance

 Doomhammer A savage orc weapon unleashed in the name of the Horde

 Lion Shield Symbol of the strength of Azeroth

Ant Man Comic Con 2014 poster concept art

Batman vs Superman Comic Con 2014


80,000 Blogwalkers Celebration

Thank for my all blog reader, this my 80,000 viewer celebration, i hope this achievement will be my new incentive to improve my blog content.


The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1


Disney's Big Hero 6 - Official Trailer


Meet Uku, Star of Next Year’s Pixar Short ‘Lava’

We wrote a while back about the Pixar short Lava, which will screen in front of next summer’s feature Inside Out.Now the first image from the film itself has cropped up, featuring Uku, the lonely volcano that just wants another volcano to love. Take a look, Having seen the whole short, we can’t wait to see it again — even though we’ll have to wait until Inside Out premieres June 19, 2015.