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Chenoweth and Mars Flock to ‘Rio 2'

Fox has announced new voice cast additions to its upcoming animated feature Rio 2, the sequel to director Carlos Saldanha’s well-received 2011 feature. The pic, which is slated for an April 14, 2014 release will feature the voices of original cast members Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Fox and Will.i.am. The new outing will also include the contributions of Andy Garcia, Kirstin Chenoweth, Bruno Mars and NBC’s Today Show anchor Natalie Morales.Animated by Blue Sky Studios, the sequel follows the life of Blu (Eisenberg) and Jewell (Hathaway) and their three kids and the adventures they have once Jewel decides to raise the chicks in the Amazon as free birds rather than in their current domesticated environment.The narrative will also touch upon the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted by Rio next year. Grammy winner Janelle Monae will also voice a character and contribute music to the sequel.


Book of This Month

The new book this month is 3D Artist : Design & Create Exosuits issues 50. Publish by Imagine Publishing Ltd. Can obtain in the market price of RM 39.90 per copy. CD also comes with free content.


New Monsters University Trailers

There are at least 14 new animated features heading our way in 2013, but Disney/Pixar’s Monsters University has already generated a lot of pre-release buzz among toon fans. This week, a new trailer for the much-anticipated release, which is directed by Dan Scanlon hit the Internet.The story follows original Monsters Inc. characters Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) as they meet for the first time in college. After focusing on their shared rivalry more than their college classes, Mike and Sully are kicked out of class and forced to join a fraternity of fellow scare rejects in order to compete in the Greek Scare Games and earn a spot back in the program. The rest of the voice ensemble includes Steve Buscemi, Joel Murray, John Ratzenberger, Dave Foley and Julia Sweeney. Once again, Randy Newman offers the hummable music. The pic will be out in theaters on June 21st.


Poster Iron Man 3

Even Heroes Fall


The Croods New Poster

DreamWorks Animation and distribution partner 20th Century Fox have unleashed two new posters for the upcoming 3-D CG caveman comedy, The Croods. In addition to the Crood brood, the posters give a better look at the lush landscapes and—more important for those of us already making notes about how to add to our stuffed animal collections during the 2013 holiday shopping season—the cute/crazy/ferocious/not so ferocious prehistory-inspired creatures that the cavepeople clan will encounter on their feature length adventure.The Croods is directed by Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco and will hit theaters March 22. The film follows the world’s “first modern family” as they embark on the journey of a lifetime after their home cave is destroyed. The film features the voices of Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman. Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell are producing.


Lightwave 11.5

About LightWave 11.5

NewTek LightWave 11 made its debut in early 2012, bringing new functionality to an already robust 3D modeling, animation and rendering program. Many new features in LightWave 11 that are widely used by artists include built-in instancing, Bullet hard body dynamics, and Flocking along with new workflow options such as GoZ support for Pixologic’s ZBrush software and the Unity game engine development platform.

LightWave 11.5 Overview

Dongle-Free Licensing
    Dongles are no longer required to access the many features of LightWave

Bullet Soft Body Dynamics
    Soft body effects are now possible with Bullet, including cloth

Bullet Forces
    Several force types are now available within Bullet

    Fast, modular instant rigging system for Modeler that includes presets for rapid-rigging

VPR Update
    Depth-of-Field, Motion Blur and Anaglyph Stereo now visible in the renderer

Rolling Shutter
    Rolling Shutter camera effects are now possible to aid matching footage that has this effect present

Edge Rendering Node Control
    Control edge opacity, taper and color using nodes

Flocking Update
    Predator / Prey behavior, new Director types and Node control

FiberFX Update
    Multiple styles per object - stored with the object, new styling controls, updated UI

GoZ™ Fiber Mesh™ Support
    Building on the robust GoZ support in LightWave 11. LightWave 11.5 now supports ZBrush Fiber Meshes

Adobe™ After Effects™ Support
    'GoZ style' After Effects interchange for Cameras, Lights, NULLs and animation

Instancing Update
    Per Object control, speed and memory improvements

Modeler Tools Update
    ABF UV Unwrap, Edit Edges, Place Mesh, Slice, Thicken, Heat Shrink, Tweak, Transform, Axis and alignment tools and more

Workflow Enhancements
    Many enhancements to streamline and improve workflow

Newtek website :  https://www.lightwave3d.com/new_features/


Big Bad Wolf Aftermath 2013

Citizens - the Wolf has listened, The Aftermath Sale will launch at the end of February, with prices as low as RM5!! For those with 1Malaysia Book Vouchers, use them at the Sale and walk away with up to 50 BOOKS! Share the news far and wide: it's time to join the FINAL hunt with your Big Bad Wolf