Ian Berry aka Denimu

Denimu (Ian Berry) is a British born artist currently based in Sweden. He creates artwork solely from denim, re-using jeans, jackets, and other denim clothing to create portraits, urbanscapes and other unique works.Berry began experimenting with denim artwork while at university and then while working at TMW as an art director.His process involves cutting, stitching, and glueing various shades of denim in order to provide contrast and shadow.His works have featured Icon's of Denim such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, as well as urban landscapes, including his most recent London showcase.Berry decided to focus fulltime on his artwork when he moved to Sweden from Australia and his first two shows in Sweden were near sell outs,His artwork has been featured in galleries across Sweden (Lund and Landskrona), Portugal (Calheta Madeira), United States (New Orleans, Fairmont, Asbury Park), as well as United Kingdom (London). His art has been sold across the world to private, public and corporate collections.Denimu worked with The Estate of James Dean and the James Dean Gallery to create a mural for Dean’s hometown of Fairmount, Indiana.

 The Blue Line

 Evening Shisha

 Pedley Street Gallery

 Wet Paint


 The Commuters

 The Blue Eye

 The Bright Lights

 The Heath

 James Dean Potrait

 Marilyn Monroe Potrait

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